10 Reasons Why McDonald's is NOT a Restaurant!

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List of the top 10 reasons why McDonald's is not a restaurant! Did you know McDonald's may be in a completely different business all together? Watch this McDonald's food theory video to find out!
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When you’re walking down the street, and you see those golden arches, you can almost hear your stomach calling out for a Big Mac or some McNuggets. But, is McDonald’s really a restaurant? Or is it just a facade to mask some much more elaborate scheme? Well, here are 10 Reasons Why McDonald's Is NOT A Restaurant!

From innovation and technology strategies at McDonald's, to McDonald’s innovation in the US and around the world. If you enjoyed this video list of the top 10 reasons why McDonald's is not just a restaurant! Comment: #mcdonalds #bigmac #fastfood

0:00 Reasons Why McDonald's is NOT a Restaurant!
0:24 Business In The Front, Party In The Back
1:21 The Biggest Toy Distributor In The World
2:38 Hamburger University
4:03 Here Comes The McBride
5:30 Timeless Food In A Timely Manner
7:02 A Place Where Healthy Rhymes With Sickly
8:22 A Scamming Company?
9:53 Burgers or Bankers
11:25 A Gem Of Technology
12:59 McDonaldland or Candyland?

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