15 Flash Villains Ranked By Power

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Every hero has their plethora of fabulous rogues, but some are certainly more fearsome than others. When you think of the Flash, you don’t necessarily think of the deadliest or most evil monsters being behind those schemes. Their hero is a super track star. So what can they possibly do? Well. A lot. Cause in the world of DC Comics, super speed is not just running fast. You’ve got the Speed Force, and with the Speed Force, you’ve got time travel. Already you’re in a bit of trouble. Time travel tends to make things a bit… sticky. And if the heor can do it, well so can your villains. So let us have a catch-up with some of the Scarlet Speedster’s worst foes. Many of whom have seen their live-action counterparts on the small screen thanks to CW’s The Flash, and even more, shall get a spotlight thanks to the upcoming Suicide Squad follow-up. No shortage of villains there. Captain Boomerang certainly seems a lot cooler now, even if he is toting around a stuffed unicorn. The list will be placed in order of least powerful to most, though not all may agree with these rankings. Hard to compare some powers, so the amount of menace brought on by these baddies and their impact on the comics as a whole are also being brought to the table when deciding who gets the crown as Flash’s most powerful adversary. And so, we are off to the races. See you at the finish line!

00:00 Intro
00:37 Captain Boomerang
01:14 The Thinker
01:51 Captain Cold
02:20 Golden Glider
02:55 Abra Kadabra
03:33 Cicada
04:15 Weather Wizard
04:57 Mirror Master
05:34 Killer Frost
06:12 The Top
06:49 Zoom
07:34 Gorilla Grodd
08:13 GodSpeed
08:58 Black Flash
09:34 Reverse Flash

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Written by: Lucien Lum
Narrated by: Darren Worts
Edited by: Travis G.

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