1909 S VDB Cent Found Coin Roll Hunting

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1909 S VDB Cent Found Coin Roll Hunting
In this video, I'll be hunting a box of Pennies that is all customer wrapped rolls. I got these rolls from a trade with one of my subscribers Jim - after he told me that a couple has been bringing several wrapped coins to the bank and that he has already hunted one and it produced a lot of good finds.

Obviously I was very interested and excited to do this hunt especially after hunting the last 3 customer wrapped penny rolls from our trade:
1st Box Hunt Video:
2nd Box Hunt Video:
3rd Bix Hunt Video:

I am thinking that this is either a collection dump or an attempt to help out with the coin shortage - hence all of the great finds. As always, I'll be hunting for Wheaties, Indian Head Pennies, cool foreign coins, copper and any error or variety cents.
When I hunt pennies I don't just search for Wheaties and Indian Head Pennies. I also am not just a Copper Hoarder either. I look for double dies, error coins, and other variety coins that could be hidden in the rolls. As you know - it's rare to find a super key date for any coin in circulation, so your best bet is to familiarize yourself with the error and variety coins as those are normally not as easily spotted and you can still find some GREAT FINDS out there.
Of course it didn't take any trained eye to spot the 1909 S VDB Cent that was found during this hunt!
Keep hunting and good luck!

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I hope you enjoyed the video!
I post several new videos weekly so please subscribe if you wish to see more:

Thanks for watching!

0:00 Set-up
1:25 Hunt Begins
6:21 The Discovery
15:52 Beautiful IHC
18:27 Wrap up

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