1940 Egg Scale Restoration - Antique Kitchen Tool

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In this restoration video you will see: lathe work, metal spinning, nickel plating and chrome plating, in addition to the usual restoration work.
This scale is a model from the years 1940-1950. The Company is called Jiffy Way and is made USA. Through a few searches on Ebay I discovered this egg scale, I saw that there are many ads with this type of scale and decided to buy it. The price was a bit high, around $ 60, but I thought this kitchen tool would be worth a perfect restoration made by me , who knows, maybe I will use it. The total price of the scale and restoration exceeded $ 150 but I will let you to decide it is worth or not. I spent a month restoring this scale and I am satisfied with the work I did.
I hope you like this restoration video and share this joy with me.
Cheers and Enjoy !!

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