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On this episode of Beat the Receipt, Pro Chef Kathleen O’Brien Price and Foodie, Jarrell Williams try their hand at the challenge of making their best version of a Burger with a $20 Budget. Each contestant will create a hamburger recipe that serves two, based on ingredients they can source in their area, all while staying under $20. Spoiler alert: contestants are allowed one “budget breaker” ingredient … as long as they can find it for free. Jarrell levels up his cheeseburger with a special “budget breaker sauce”, while Kathleen swaps lettuce wraps for buns, to stay on budget.

Beat The Receipt is the only affordable cooking challenge that gives a pro chef and a food influencer $20 each to shop for and cook a meal for two using the same main ingredient! As the challengers try to stay under $20, the pressure is on with shopping and cooking plans changing on the fly. Beat The Receipt is the perfect show for anyone who loves to improvise at the market and in the kitchen or wants to learn some amazing affordable recipes!

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Meet the Contestants
1:47 Shopping
8:03 Budget Breaker
9:00 Receipt Total
9:15 Prepping the Burgers
11:20 Cooking the Burgers
12:52 Taste Test

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$20 Budget Burger Challenge: Pro vs Foodie | Beat the Receipt | Food & Wine
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