30+ Cooking Tricks Chefs Usually Don't Share

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For most people, cooking is a tedious task, and cooking well seems undoable and intimidating. But that's only unless you know several cooking tricks that can turn you into a real foodie!

Did you know, for example, how to make potato chips easily, fast, and, more importantly, on your own, with the help of a microwave? Or how to save burgers from crumbling apart when they're on the grill? Or how to cook crystal clear chicken broth? Some of the tricks may seem bizarre or downright crazy at first, but once you try them, you won't believe you used to prepare your meals without them!

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Add bright color to your salads 0:25
Caramelize meat 0:59
Make potato chips easily 1:23
Make your sauces tastier 1:49
Make onions less harsh 2:20
Cook tender meat 2:33
Pancakes for perfectionist 3:04
Best mashed potatoes 3:58
Roast meat properly 4:30
Make delicious bacon without any effort 4:57
Add a dash of salt to the coffeepot 5:41
Heat up pizza using an iron 6:20
Give white sugar a light caramel flavor 7:33
Make the meat softer 7:43
Make your dough airy and light 8:28
Make your chicken broth crystal clear 8:38
Get a perfect pastry crust 9:10

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- While making scrambled eggs, add some milk and cornstarch mixture to the eggs and whisk everything until smooth. Cornstarch will protect the eggs from turning rubbery and getting overcooked.
- Try toasting your grains in a pan with oil before cooking them. It’ll make the pasta golden and nutty and add some exquisite flavor.
- If you add a spoonful of peanut butter or sweet mustard to your sauces and stews, they’ll have a richer taste.
- By adding corn flour or nacho chips to chili, you can thicken its texture.
- Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to freshly-brewed iced tea, and it won't taste bitter.
- Instead of wasting your time and nerves trying to peel a boiled egg, just cut it in half and spoon the insides out of the shell.
- To avoid wasting tons of time on peeling garlic, put a bulb on the counter and lightly hit the heel of your hand against the top of the bulb.
- Before making a hot sandwich, warm the cheese and the butter to room temperature. This way, it’ll be easier to spread the butter, and the cheese won't dry out during cooking.
- Add breadcrumbs to your burgers before cooking - and you'll save them from crumbling apart when they're on the grill.
- Use broth instead of water while preparing rice and other hot grains. This way, your dish will have a richer flavor.
- When baking something, add a pinch of salt to the batter. It’ll bring out the flavor of your dish.
- While preparing a cup of coffee, add a dash of salt to the coffeepot – it’ll help you get rid of the bitterness.
- Roast your white chocolate and get some nutty golden goodness with a heavenly smell!
- You can toast white sugar to give it a light caramel flavor before using it in your favorite recipes.
- To make the meat softer, marinate it in a mixture of corn starch and egg whites.
- Toss cumin or black pepper in a medium-heated pan to enhance their taste and extract natural flavor.
- Before cooking vegetable cream soup, fry the vegetables in olive oil. It’ll caramelize the sugar contained in the vegetables, and their flavor will become more prominent.
- If you put a bowl of water into the oven along with your pastry, the resulting steam will take care of this problem, and the crust will be crispy and light.

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