6 Healthy Snack Recipes | Makhana, Dahi Sandwich, Oats Fudge, Poha Tikki, Smoothie For Weight Loss

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With these easy, simple and super healthy snack recipes you can now satisfy those anytime hunger pangs in a healthy way. Eating healthy to combat craving In between meals is important. Specially in the evening when controlling yourself from snacking becomes nearby impossible. So Here I have For you 6 healthy Snacks recipes, that will satisfy your hunger and help you lose Weight.

6 Heathy Snack Recipes :

1. Phool Makhana 2 ways 00:45
3. Healthy Curd Sandwich 04:48
4. NO Bake Oats Fudge Cake 07:58
5. Jamun Fruit smoothie 12:30
6. Healthy Poha Tikki 14:05

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