a day in my life during quarantine: kinda productive, realizing things, cooking

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this was a day in my life during self-quarantine.

hELLO my friends it's nina and welcome back to another video!! here is just another day in my life. currently i am self-quarantining and i just wanted to show y'all what goes on in my life while social (or physical) distancing. it was a kinda productive day! all this time to yourself also really,,, makes you think a lot,, and realize things,, and also cook a lot. i hope you enjoy this lil indoors vlog! :)

i hope y'all are doing well. i miss y'all and hope we're all hanging in there. it is april and this month was gonna be SO BUSY!! but alas, most of my plans got canceled BUT IT'S OKAY. i am just glad to be healthy.

i am always wishing y'all safety and health. thank you for being with me on the internet and i shall see you in my next video :')

love, neen.


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