ABaC Restaurant 3*** Michelin @ Barcelona (Foodie Paradise)

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HKD$1680 / 190€ per head
Wine Pairing option with ABaC Menu 85€

01) Nitro Margarita
02) Strawberry water with foamy lavender soda
03) Cecina chip with Café de Paris butter

04) Tupinambur bark with celery chips, parmesan and lio basil
05) Nori seaweed textures, cured salmon, trout eggs, butter and lyophilised soya
06) Fine Mediterranean herbs coca with anchovies, peanut butter and cured cecina infusion
07) Cured foie gras and anchovy shavings with garlic bread

08) Bloody Mary on the Rocks
09) Blue oyster, Japanese escabeche snow
10) Gazpacho water with strawberries, dried baby tomatoes, salmorejo sphere and droplets of bread
11) Onion soup-inspired summer onion jus with pullet egg
12) Cheese Chinese bun with freeze-dried truffle and roasted skin onion paper
13) Blue crab with caviar, cocoa bread and hazelnuts
14) Inassatus Parpatana saporibus ab Roma
15) Grilled tuna belly with garlic compote cream, almonds milk, dates and olive oil
16) Spicy lavender roast pigeon, served with sautéed baby carrot romesco and escabeche

17) White chocolate, coconut and yogurt with citrus spices and yuzu
18) Frosted tile with fresh and dried flowers, yoghurt textures, crumbled biscuit and violet ice cream
19) Fleeting bitterness
20) “Sweet Pumpkin”

Acoustic guitar arrangement for song by TRow https://soundcloud.com/megatrev
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0
Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/trow-a-g-a-f-s
Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/VxhdAV9PomQ
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