American Latin Street Food in Miami - Frita Burger, Burrito & Jerk Chicken Hot Dogs | Bird Road

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My epic Miami Street Food series continues with a taste of American Latin street food in Miami! Come along with me and my dad as we try mouthwatering dishes like a cheesy frita burger, a burrito, a jerk chicken hot dog, and much more!

We headed to the Bird Road Art District in Miami, where Are You Hungry? Grill and Unseen Creatures Brewing are located. At Are You Hungry? Grill, we’d try some American-Latin fusion street food, and drink some craft beer at Unseen Creatures Brewing!

At Are You Hungry? Grill, I met the owner, Raul, who made us a Wagyu burger with beer cheese made with beer from Unseen Creatures. He also made us a frita burger (a beef burger with tiny, thinly-cut French fries on it), which contains Mexican chorizo and is a take on a Frita Cubana, a chicken burrito, and a jerk chicken hot dog that contains an IPA barbecue sauce and a secret sauce.

First, I watched him make the Frita Cubanas with 5-oz. Wagyu patties. He cooks the beer for 4-5 minutes, which cooks out the alcohol and reduces it, and then he makes a roux and includes several types of cheese like Colby jack and cheddar as well as pimentos and jalapenos. Their barbecue sauce also has an IPA beer in it!

Then, we watched him cook up the marinated chicken breast and grill a jalapeno-cheddar tortilla. He then added garlic-cilantro sauce, white rice, black beans, homemade pico salsa, and shredded Colby jack cheese. Then, he made the jerk dog, which is a chicken hot dog with jerk sauce and melted provolone cheese, and the two sauces. We’d eat everything under a table set up under a tent. We had a double IPA and a house IPA! I couldn’t wait to dig in!

I started with the double IPA, which was great and pretty strong! The house IPA was cloudy, citrusy, and refreshing. Then, we dove into the frita burgers. This one was more of a gourmet-style frita burger. It was so juicy and I loved the provolone cheese and the sauces. The spicy chorizo was incredible as well! It had a ton of fritas in it and the bread was fantastic. The quality of the beef was outstanding!

Next was the Wagyu burger with beer cheese. The cheese was unreal and had a nice kick to it. I had to dip the burger back into the plate to get all the cheese that had dripped out. It was an explosion of flavor! I couldn’t get enough of the quality of the beef!

Then, we went for the jerk chicken hot dogs. Mine had spicy sauce on it while my dad’s had the barbecue and secret sauces. I loved the chicken and the cheese inside. I barely eat hot dogs, but this was exceptional. It didn’t even taste like chicken!

Next, we had come fried plantain chips that had some lime on them. Then, we finished with the burrito, which had a melted cheese crust on the outside! I dipped it into a garlic aioli sauce. I loved the gallo pinto sauce inside as well as the tender chicken, beans, and rice. It was super filling with a cheesy exterior. It was the ultimate burrito!

Then, we headed inside Unseen Creatures Brewing, where we met Marco. It’s a farmhouse-inspired brewery. They had 15 beers on tap before the pandemic, and have 6-8 brands now. They have some mixed culture sour beers, some IPAs, lagers, and stouts as well. They also have a 4% saison. Their tap handles have fake deer antlers on them!

We tried four delicious beers and went on a tour of the facility! They have a 7-barrel setup and brew 2-3 times per week. What an epic day!

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