AMERICAN tries Indian McDonalds ???????????? McDonald's INDIA Review & Reaction

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It seems like no matter where in the world you travel, you can’t escape the Golden Arches. In this video, I, a foreigner, try Indian McDonalds for the first time, and give my opinion as to whether McDonald’s in India compares with back home in the States.

The most obvious difference I noticed as an American is the lack of beef or pork products on offer - just chicken and veg were available.

I was determined to try the most essential food from the McDonalds India menu, and was a bit overwhelmed with the choices available. The most prominent menu item at McDonalds in India is the Maharaja Mac, their version of a big mac. It’s big, it’s greasy, it’s got three buns, and replaces the classic beef with a ‘grilled chicken patty’. I give my honest review of the Maharaja Mac, Chicken Nuggets, fries, and the McAloo Tikki.

Here’s a spoiler alert. Although McDonalds India has regional variants catering to the local taste, their staples remain mostly the same. The French fries and chicken nuggets are the greasy junk foods you can find on street corners and drive throughs anywhere, the fast-food staples that McDonalds is known for worldwide.

???? Maharaja Mac: 169 INR
???? McAloo Tikki : 33 INR
???? 6 Piece Chicken Nuggets: 114 INR
???? Large Fries: 85 INR

???? Old Delhi McDonalds, Delhi, India

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????????American tries Indian McDonalds / American trying McDonald's India
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