Battlefront 2 Mods are Delicious… (Weekly Mods #28)

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Jedi Fallen Order Modding Discord:

SiRME's Darth Revan (2020) by SiRME

Darth Nihilus (2020) by Deggial Nox

Commander Jet, Blackout, Lock, Trauma, Bly over Finn (PATREON) by Tortuga

Mythos General Kenobi by Tortuga

Stormtrooper Executioners (with Electro Axes) by Ultistinct

Finest of the 501st ALPHA (PATREON) by Mandalorian Business

Clone Wars Overhaul (PATREON) by Sample

BetterFlames by Dulana57

TCW General Kenobi by Grawarr | Chucky | Rupture

Reprogrammed Protocol Droid by FunnyAnyway

C3PO with Droid Head by FunnyAnyway

Tactical Droid Beta (PATREON) by ShootTheGringo

Muunilist 10 Recreation Filming Mod by Mandalorian Business and Claymaver2000

Captain Rex - MankDemery by MankDemery

Tie Fighter Pilot Reinforcement by EPOORI

Trooper Gamemode Tiles by TheSpartanCV

Big Ewoks by Tortuga

Holiday Special Boba Fett by Vandrill

Mustafar Worker Droid by Der Finder

Scout Trooper Luke by VADOR

Armored Rebellion Soldier by FunnyAnyway

Jabba's Palace Frontend Mod by Thorn

Thorn's Tatooine Frontend by Thorn

Episode 1 and 2 Palpatine by This_guy446

Stormtrooper Luke A New Hope by MerlysTimeWastedOnEarth

Shadow Trooper Reinforcement by EPOORI

Kamino Security Force (Coruscant Guard Replacer) by BlueNade

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Star Wars - Cantina Band (Noize Tank Remix) [Electro Swing] by NoizeTankMusic
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