Beach Cooking Comfort Food ASMR SPAM & Eggs, Fried Rice, Coconut Cake Firebox Stove, Relax Feel Good

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As I edited this video, I found it quite relaxing even fulfilling at times (I'm the , right?)

I've decided to offer this as a "Way to help people relax" video: (Beach Comfort Food, ASMR, SPAM & Eggs, Shrimp Fried Rice, Coconut Cake, Firebox Stove Relax & Feel Good). If it works and people start enjoying it for relaxation, I'll re-edit it into a longer form and adjust it according to feedback.

People have commented for some time now that my videos help them get through a rough time: "I watched your videos while recuperating from an injury in the hospital;" "I have grown too old for camping, but enjoy watching and remembering." And so on.

One of the most fulfilling things to me is knowing that my videos can help someone who is having a hard time, get through it. I get it--the struggle is real. I've felt it in many ways, and at many times. I try to keep in mind that it can be just as easy, as it can be hard. I try to love and accept my genuine self. I work hard to keep focused on progressing and never giving up. Times can get complicated but things change and persistence often pays never give up hope.

Our family Hawaiian island vacation to Oahu's North Shore was a lot of fun! We certainly relaxed, enjoyed and felt to mention growing closer as a family and remembering all the little endearing things about each other that we love so much!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic we underwent the necessary testing protocol and as guests on the Island we're very conscientious of COVID-19 safety. Always (we did our best) wearing our masks and practicing social distancing. We felt welcomed and even appreciated by the wonderful, very friendly people of Hawaii.

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Firebox Stove Gear is designed to be simple, capable and long lasting, to enhance your outdoor experience with delicious food and authentic camping ambience.

Thank you everyone. I appreciate you all so very much!
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