BEST GOD ROLL ITEM FARM IN OUTRIDERS! How To EASILY Farm God Rolled Weapons & Armor! | Outriders!

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Today we take a look at an very underutilized item farm that allows you to massively increases the chances of finding god rolled armor and weapons, in Outriders. This farm revolves around going to the 6 main vendors in the game and checking all of their items for items with the best stats and mods for your specific build. These vendors can also have green/uncommon rarity items that gives you much more control over what that item will roll, when upgrading that item.
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Intro: 0:00 - 0:32
Farm Guide: 0:33 - 2:24
God Roll Item Example: 2:25 - 3:06
Attribute Shards: 3:07 - 4:40
TLDR: 4:41 - 5:10
Outro: 5:11 - 5:18
Gameplay: 5:19 - 8:16
Upgrading God Roll: 8:17 - 9:22
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