Best Vegan burgers | Best Veggie burger | Environmental Impact, Sides & Burger Toppings

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In this episode I cook and try 10 burger recipes in order to find the best vegan and the best veggie burgers. I also tried several shop-bought burgers to compare them to and considered the best sides and sauces.

David Attenborough's new film has urged people to become vegan to save the planet… but the thing is I like a nice burger every once in a while. If I was going to give up meat, what I really want to find is the best-homecooked veggie burger or the best vegan burgers I could.

I tried 8 online burger recipes. I also tried a few shop-bought ones to compare. I compared the burgers on taste, texture and nutrition and considered the environmental impact - all in the name of finding the best vegan burger or the best veggie burger.

I also explored burger sides and burger toppings.

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