Beyond Meat (BYND) stock analysis + update earnings 2020 – Plant-based meat is here to stay

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Today I will be analysing the company of Beyond Meat which is one that I personally own and I am very bullish about, so please be aware that this video might be positively biased. However, I will not only be sharing the good aspects but also the challenges that the company faces and will continue to face in the future. Additionally, they just reported earnings this past Thursday February 25th, which means that we have fresh information on the performance of the business and I can tell you that there were some very exciting news and other not so good ones that we will be covering. Nevertheless, before I start, let’s have a quick look at the aspects that I will be discussing in today’s analysis: First I will give a short introduction to the company its products, then we will talk about the different partnerships that they have and the new ones that they just announced, followed by a quick look at the industry potential and competitors & challenges, then we will go into the financials and the earnings that they just reported for the 4th quarter and the full year 2020 and finally I will be giving my opinion on the stock and my future plans with it.

Results 2020 Beyond Meat:

Study Beyond Meat burger comparison:

Vegan food market size growth:

Meat Substitutes market growth:

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