Biggest Beef Burger in Lahore|Beef Special Burger from Pablo's Lahore|Beef Madness|7 Patties burger|

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Biggest Beef Burger in Lahore| Beef Special Burger from Pablo's Lahore| Beef Madness|7 Patties burger|.
This is one of the yummiest Beef burger in Lahore that you can try from Pablo's restaurant Lahore. if we talk about the specialty of this place, then they have variety of beef and chicken burgers, steaks, and much more. In beef burgers, their Beef madness which has 7 patties of beef is special. Asides this, you can try their Cheese Lava Beef Burger that is their hot selling burger.
One more thing that you need to keep in Mind is that, if you are ordering Beef Madness then this burger is enough for two hungry persons. So, if you are going to try this burger then must bring your friend with you otherwise, you can order any of their other beef burgers.
So, if we talk about their price, then this burger costs RS 1699. They use almost 1 KG meat so Value of Money is 9/10.
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