Boris Johnson mocks 'convert' Blackford as SNP MP blames England's 'power-grab' in Scotland

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took a pop at SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford for his "conversion" to the unionist cause amid an attack on an alleged upcoming "power-grab" in Scotland.

Boris Johnson's joke was the result of SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford suggesting the Prime Minister's legacy will be the break-up of the "failing" United the Prime Minister was threatening the union. Mr Johnson insisted his Government is committed to the sanctity of the UK as he rejected claims that his proposed Internal Market Bill constitutes a "power-grab" on Scotland. Mr Johnson said: "I'm not quite clear from that question whether he's in favour of the union or not.

"I take it from his hostility to me that he wants to support the union, so do I.

"And the best thing he can do is to support the UK Internal Market Bill which buttresses a surge of powers transferred to the devolved administrations in more than 70 areas.

"I should just remind him that in the recent coronavirus crisis, £ billion have been transferred in Scotland to spend.

"And I'm proud to say that 70n percent that testing that has taken place in Scotland has been supported by the UK Government."

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