Burger Cooking - Chicken Enoki Cheese Burger

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"Burger Cooking - Chicken Enoki Cheese Burger"
This video introduce World burger & street food information about how to cook, location and price. But, I cannot currently take video for burger & street food by corona virus, I introduce cooking video.

1. Overview
2. Information
3. My information
4. Sharing your best food

1. Overview
Hi! I'm Food Scoop.

I introduce burger cooking. This patty is added enoki mushroom. That's why this burger has a great texture. And, patty is that I refer to tsukune. Tsukune is Japanese yakitori. You can feel a little Japanese flavor.

You must try burger cooking like this!

2. Information
Food name : Chicken enoki cheese burger
Ingredients : bread, ground chicken, enoki, egg, salt, black pepper, lettuce, cheese
Cooking method :
- 1. Mix ground chicken, enoki, salt, black pepper & egg
- 2. Grill bread
- 3. Grill patty & put cheese on
- 4. Put all on bread

3. My information
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4. Sharing your best food
I would like to take a video about your best burger & street food. And, I would like to post on my YouTube channel.
Off course, I advertise food shop name, food name and location etc.

You could feel free to contact me on my SNS!

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