CATCHiNG BUGS with NiKO!! Morning Swim and Breakfast in the Pool! family spring break best day ever

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Adley plans a NERF BATTLE inside the house!!


Best Bug Day Ever 1195

Today we start off with a sneaky, quiet mission down to the indoor swimming pool. if you remember, we are up at a beautiful vacation house for spring break. Well, Adley and Niko Bear woke up really early this morning to play on the slide and swing when Adley had the great idea to go to the pool. So we have to sneak through the house so we don't wake up anyone.

When we get to the pool, it is absolutly amazing. The water feels great, the sun is shining, and the kiddos are have tons of fun. Niko Bear does some cannonballs, Adley dives in the deepend for toys and rings, and before we know it, Jenny is here with a surprise. Breakfast in the swimming pool!! thats a first for all of us.

Once everyone is awake and enjoying our vacations, Jenny and Adley help baby Navey to swing on the indoor park for the first time. She really enjoys it. While they are playing, Adley comes up with a plan to have a nerf battle with dad and the boys. It's a classic girls vs boys, only we don't know it. She gets Jenny, Niko Bear, Allie, and Chelsea to help her out, getting the nerf blasters all ready and to sneak in behind us. They totally surprise us!! Soon nerf shots are flying through out the house as the battle goes from the kitchen to the front yard, from downstairs to out back. Adley and Niko Bear corner me outside the pool and they finally get me to surrender. Sheesh!!

While dinner is being prepared, Niko Bear wants to go bug hunting with dad and Colby. As soon as we step outside, Niko sees two bugs. He's a little stand off-ish at first, but with dads help he sees that they are friendly bugs and we start putting them in the jar. We run around the front yard, looking all over for bugs, catching as many as we can. Niko Bear has so much fun. I love it, it reminds me of bug catching with Adley and the time in Hawaii we found her a pet snail!!

We end the night with some A for Adley video editing with Adley herself, then the growns play some new games after the kiddos bedtime routine!

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