Climbing to the Highest Hot Spring in Japan

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In this adventure during Robby's trip to Japan in late 2019, Robby and his friend Darrell head to Nagano prefecture to catch the first snowfalls of early winter as they head to the high summits of the Yatsugatake mountain range.

The goal for this trip was to hike to the highest hot spring in Japan, the famous Honzawa Onsen and climb to the summit of Mt. Tengu and descend down the other side.
The Yatsugatake mountain range is a popular climbing destination for people who live in the Kanto region of Japan surrounding Tokyo as it is in easy access from the capital.

On Day 1, Robby and Darrell take a train to Koumi Station. From there they take a bus to the Midori-ike Trail Head to start the journey.
From there it is a short hike to the picturesque "Green Pond" Midori-ike and the Shirabiso Lodge.
Continuing along the trail leads to the campsite for Day 1 at Honzawa Onsen and the famous outdoor hot spring which has the highest elevation in Japan at 7000 feet or 2150 meters.

Day 2 was a steep climb out of Honzawa Onsen along the "White Sand New Route" to the mountain ridge and then a quick scramble up to the summit of the Eastern peak of Mt. Tengu (Tengudake) at 2640 meters.
The decent from the summit is long but passes by the well known Kuroyuri Hyutte mountain hut as the trail heads down to Shibunoyu Hot Spring where there is a bus stop taking them to Chino train station.

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