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Coco's Kitchen BBQ Ribs
"Tasty, tender juicy falls off the bone yumminess"
Address: Hernan Cortes, Cabancalan, Mandaue City
Mobile: 0935-0950911
Look for: Albert

BBQ Ribs
Small Tray (1-2 pax) -
Big Tray (4-6 pax) -

Other Products available, kindly check their Facebook Page above.

Payment Options:
Gcash, BPI, and Cash on Delivery

Delivery Service:
Grab Food & Lalamove
Note: Delivery fee will be shouldered by the buyer

Ma2ke It Yummy serves tasty and mouth-watering food ideas that inspire and connect all food lovers out there. Get ready as we showcase yummy cooking techniques and tips where it will look easier for you to learn how to cook with passion and share it with others too. Anything about yummy food, foods from different cultures or traditions, and foods to gain weight, just name it and we will serve it with great joy. We share simple yet easy to follow do it your own recipe for you to enjoy and embrace cooking experience at home.

For those who don’t want to eat alone, you can stay with us and watch our ASMR Mukbang eating challenge and experience a strange but enjoyable feeling! You can also suggest what kind of food you want us to feature and you could be one of our guests soon as we invite random viewers, supportive subscribers, or friends, online.

ASMR eating is already a trend online that was purposely designed to give people different kinds of pleasure by listening to that tempting bite sounds. Studies show that these tingling sensations could give the listener more than just a pleasant feeling designed to relax the mind just like listening to rainfall or the blow of the wind.
For aspiring Mukbangers out there, this could be your chance to join with us and enjoy yummy foods online. We also cater no-bake recipes, alternative cooking procedures with low budget but absolutely appetizing that will make you say “lami kaayo” in the Cebuano dialect, which means “delicious”.

Here in Make It Yummy, we want our viewers to feel good while enjoying even the simplest food that could be seen in your home. We are fascinated & inspired to share anything about wellness and gathering people at the table through nutritious food. Our family is getting bigger and better as we choose to live a healthier happier and harmonious life with our loving family and supportive friends. Though there are many online food vlogs and pages strewn all over the web, we won’t compete nor take part of their content, but to join and become one of them: To let our consumers access a variety of recipes, capturing the best meals each city or town has to offer and gain more knowledge while having fun and adventure.

It has always been our pleasure to share our thoughts online. Receiving all your positive and encouraging comments/messages brings happiness and satisfaction to continue what we have started. Let’s continue to keep the passion for cooking by sharing our ideas, tips, techniques, adventures with fun and excitement!

So, if your looking for a nice meal at a restaurant or wants to travel to a place where there is good food, then Ma2ke It Yummy will bring you to your cravings and satisfaction. Just comment down below and suggest what kind of foods or dishes you want us to feature and get a touch of that mouth-watering foodies that will surely bring you to a delicious feast to your eyes.

Ma2ke It Yummy will feature food reviews, Mukbang, ASMR, cooking, and anything that is related to food.

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