Consumer Prices Soar To Highest Level Since 2009 As The Fed Stops Publishing Money Supply Data

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Headline CPI jumped MoM (+ exp) and YoY (+ exp). This is the biggest MoM jump since June 2009 and the biggest YoY jump since Aug 2018, as CPI follows PPI higher. The index for all items less food and energy rose percent in March, The shelter index also rose percent in March, with the index for owners’ equivalent rent and the index for rent both increasing percent. Shelter inflation actually rebounded from YoY in Feb to YoY in March, the highest since 2020. Meanwhile, rent inflation continued to fade, and was up in March, down from in Feb, and the lowest since 2011.  The Federal Reserve has stopped reporting its money supply data as often as money supply has significantly increased, making inflation a major threat. In a recent video,  The Federal Reserve has stopped recording the increase in the M1 and M2 money supply, which he said is a major crime against the American people. M1 money supply includes those monies that are very liquid such as cash, checkable (demand) deposits, and traveler's checks. M2 money supply is less liquid in nature and includes M1 plus savings and time deposits, certificates of deposits, and money market funds. As the government pumps more money into the economy, it makes your money worth less and less. The M1 supply has increased by 450% in one year and yet they say no inflation is coming. The M2 money supply is up 30% in the past year.
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