Cooking with Adley THE MOVIE!! enjoy 2 HOURS of Learning to make food, cook, and party (Mom Hands)

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make some snacks and relax it’s another A for Adley MOVIE ????


HEY EVERYBODY!! Guess what?! I just learned what parkour is! Dad told me all about it and it is so fun so we have been running all over the backyard doing cool tricks!! While Dad, Niko, and I were practicing our cool new moves in the skatepark, mom called us inside for lunch!! We ran inside as fast as we could cause we were hungry!! When we got inside we saw a surprise though! Instead of food, there was a giant kit of play-doh! It looked like we had to make our food! So we all rolled up our sleeves and got to work making delicious treats! We separated all the dough and took turns making new food! We made ice cream, hamburgers, brownies, cupcakes, and pizza!! Niko was a really good help and he made a lot of food on his own and luckily dad didn't have mom hands this time so everything went smoothly! It's going to take us a long time to make all the food we need so we wanted to show you all of our cooking videos that we've done before!! I hope you like them!! -

my last video - DiSNEY MOViE CHALLENGE!! Adley vs Dad playing a new princess trivia game show inside with Mom!

my dad's last video - JUMP CASTLE inside our HOUSE!! inflatable bounce toy & ball pit for Adley & Niko! and hiding rocks!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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