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We are making crab cream korokke, Japanese-style croquettes, with plenty of crab meat. It's creamy and full of savory crab flavor, and the outside is so crispy. You can also make delicious korokke using packaged crab meat or crab sticks, so you should definitely try it out.

How to Make Crab Cream Korokke

(serves 2) Cook Time: 35 minutes
* Time for chilling the filling is not included in cook time.

- Filling -
20g Unsalted Butter ( oz)
60g Onion, chopped ( oz)
40g Button Mushrooms, chopped ( oz)
25g Bread Flour, sieved beforehand, substitute: cake flour or all purpose flour ( oz)
150ml Milk ( fl oz)
60g Crab Meat, boiled (2 oz)
Salt ( oz)
White Pepper

- Coating -
Bread Flour
1/2 Egg, large-size
Panko, finely ground type, Japanese breadcrumbs

- Side Vegetables -
Tomato Wedges
Lettuce Leaves

- Other Ingredients -
Frying Oil
Vegetable Oil, to coat with the kitchen gloves and tray

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