Crack Combination Lock Codes! No Code? No Problem!

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In this video, I have compiled every main way I know to exploit and decode combination dial locks. They might have different shaped shackles or more or less dials, but if you know all these techniques and have lost your code, you have a very good chance of finding one that works for you. Think I’ve missed a technique? Let me know in the comments!

Sascha Schneider made these time stamps for us. Thanks!:
0:16 Overview
0:42 How a combination padlock works
3:49 The '175' Bypass
4:48 Flat-Spot Feeling
5:57 Notched Pull Decoding
6:46 Shackle Pull 1
8:25 Shackle Pull 2
9:52 Feeling False Gates
13:03 'Reverse' Decoding
14:59 Shackle Push
15:40 Down-Shackle Decoding
16:43 Conclusion

Thanks to my good friend, Ucof for making me the drilled out combination lock I used.

Remember: only pick locks that are yours and that are not in use! Keep locksport legal!

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