Don't Hook My Neck Meat | Morning Show

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0:40 - Marc and Nicole's laptop rotation
1:14 - Welcome to The Woodworking Morning Show!
1:55 - Is The Wood Whisperer available on Amazon Canada?
2:40 - Project announcements!
Darrel Peart's Freemont Chest of Drawers

Matthew Cremona's Dressing Vanity

3:19 - Jet Giveaway!
3:40 - Does Nicole speak Japanese?
4:40 - Are you on Amazon Prime?

6:49 - Is there an alternative to J-Core or ArmorCore to apply veneer to?

9:03 - Refinishing an old chest that had poly on it, can I use Rubio?
9:52 - Are you smoking ribs for the teachers?
10:19 - Now that you have had your Lee Valley block plane for a while, how are you liking their integrated mechanisms for blade adjustment?
12:50 - Thanks to our new YouTube Members!
14:23 - What would you do to ensure a tabletop without breadboard ends won't fall apart?

16:54 - Can you explain edge grain vs. face grain?
18:28 - What (Japanese) chisels would you recommend?
21:36 - How did The Wood Whisperer live get started?
23:14 - Can I use my bandsaw to do ripping if my table saw is underpowered?
24:25 - What are your coffee preferences?
25:36 - What causes you to use a router hand tool on edge treatments?
26:35 - Shoutout to our international watchers!
27:03 - Woodpeckers Hook Rule - One Time Tool

32:32 - Shout to David Gunther - Got together a group of woodworkers who helped build 70 + desks for school kids!
34:34 - If you were building new kitchen cabinets, what wood would you use and\or would you paint them?
35:39 - Height recommendation for proper desk height
36:35 - How do you keep the gap consistent on drawer fronts? Any suggestions on applying Rubio pre-color?
38:10 - How much of a concern is wood movement with tenon and mortises?
39:30 - Any interesting shop moving stories? Any suggestions on moving a jointer?
42:03 - What type of finish do you suggest for a kitchen table?
43:07 - What's your preferred method to attach a tabletop?
44:13 - What's the best way to cut short stock without a miter saw?
45:50 - After show for Patreon and YouTube member supporters!

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We started our live show as a community-focused Q&A show featuring me (Marc) and my wife Nicole as a way to connect with other woodworkers each week. It's a lot of fun and a great way to share thoughts and ideas with your fellow woodworkers.

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