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This is a 30 min AR 7 Re-rolling guide! Perfectly preparing us for the Extra 10 Intertwine Fate Event on 30th Sept! (we can login to each 'failed' account and try another x10 pulls on venti banner!)

**I Improved the pathing and explained things in more details, but I did not created this new pathing, credits to YouTuber: SY gaming **

Time stamps
1. 4:40 Chest before first statue
2. 6:20 Chest after first statue
3. 8:20 Chest after Dragon Venti cinematic
4. 9:46 Clear Amber's quest & loot chest (not an additional chest) - Unlock Temple
5. 10:48 Cooking quest
6. 12:03 Chest before the bridge
7. 14:18 New path once we are in the air!
8. 14:33 Additional warp point
9. 15:37 3 Additional Chest
10. 16:13 2nd Warp Point
11. 20:57 Special Food usage (-20% Stamina cost)
12. 21:16 Amber Dungeon (loot all 4 chests)
13. 24:04 Additional Chest on the way
14. 24:18 Oculcus-1&2
15. 24:58 Statue of the 7 (must active)
16. 25:36 Oculcus-3&4
17. 26:21 Oculcus-5 & Flying shortcut to Lisa
18. 27:13 Lisa Dungeon (Loot all 5 chests)
19. 31:43 Oculcus-6
20. 31:51 Port To Statue of the 7 and Warship (Hit AR 7!)
21. 33:40 Port to adventure guide for level 7 Acquainted fates for last 30 rolls

How did we save 8-10 mins? We only do 2 characters dungeons: Amber & Lisa! It saves us 8-10 mins if we skip kaeya's dungeon! We would acquire those additional AR exp difference via:
1. 8+ Additional Chests on the way!
2. Additional Warp & Statue of the 7
3. Cooking Side Quest

I've made the mistake of re-rolling on the wrong server, and thanks to one of my viewer (kappeda) who showed me a sign of hope with this new path for AR7! (on my first try it took 35 mins, as I had to learn those additional objectives, but I was able to achieve 30 mins per run after, its very easy to remember them!)
7 Hours into re-rolling now, ill be back for more tmr!

Let me know your thoughts on this New Re-rolling Guide!
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