FY21 Saw Highest FDI Inflows In India For The First Ten Months Of Any Year; Japan Top Investor| News

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April-January 2020-21 period saw the foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into India surge by robust 15 per cent to whopping $ billion, compared to the same period in the previous fiscal as per an official release by the Union Ministry for Commerce and Industry.

This gains significance as the inflows during the period stood as highest ever for the first ten months of any financial year to date, news suggests.

The FDI inflows as recorded by the Ministry comprises equity inflows, reinvested earnings and other capital. Of this, equity inflow grew by 28 per cent to $ billion in the first ten months of 2020-21.

Of all nations, Japan emerged at the top of the list of investors in India with per cent of the total FDI equity inflows, followed by Singapore with per cent share and the United States (US) with per cent share.

In sectoral terms, the biggest quantum of the FDI equity inflows was attracted by computer software & hardware ( per cent) followed by construction (infrastructure) activities ( per cent) and services sector ( per cent) respectively.


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