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WA: +62821-3401-8015, HALALINA is Halal Lamb, Halal Seafood, Halal Meat Market, Halal Butcher Near Me, Where To Buy Halal Meat. We are ready to supply your halal ingredients without worry about the quality.

We sell a variety of food products such as frozen meat, frozen fish, instant fish, fruits, noodles, vegetables, spices, drinks, seasoning, sauces, snacks, etc.

Halalina is halal food Japan online store that supply ingredients like:

Halal Meals
Halal Buffet
Halal Meat
Halal Chicken
Halal Ramen
Halal Snacks
Halal Beef
Halal Sausages

Information and Ordering :

Halalina - Your Trusted Halal Store
445-0802 Aichi Nishio
Kitaura-75-1 Yonezucho
Phone/WA : +62821-3401-8015

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