HIGHEST Paying Dividend Stock Yields 30%+ and I'm Buying

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I went on a quest to find the highest dividend yielding publicly listed stock, etf, fund, or whatever out there that I could find, just to see what it is out of complete curiosity. After scouring the internet for about two hours on various financial websites, I believe I found what has to be the highest paying fund out there. With a dividend yield of over 30%, it sounds too good to be true. But after reading and studying more and more about this fund, the more I started to understand its dividend yield and eventually, I decided to buy a small number of shares.

I’m talking about the Credit Suisse Crude Oil Shares Covered Call ETN, ticker symbol USOI. With monthly dividend distributions at a dividend rate of according to Yahoo Finance, it sounds too good to be true. Surely a dividend cut is imminent right? How on earth could a fund offer that much in dividends and be anywhere close to being safe? And on top of that, it pays MONTHLY dividends, not quarterly, which is even better.

Am I a sucker? Find out in todays video!
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