How to Add Restaurant Menu Widget to Webflow (2021)

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Add Webflow Menu widget to website in less than 2 minutes -

The Restaurant Menu is a free means to present food and drinks in your cafe directly on your website. Acquire more profit and display your cuisine.


• An unlimited amount of items, menus, and sections.
• Customizable footer, captions, and titles text.
• Display a detailed outline for the meal, including nutritional info and badges
• Possibility to upload icons for the items.

How to embed Restaurant Menu on the Webflow website?

In order to embed our plugin, complete the steps from the brief guideline:

1. Create and configure the widget;
2. Copy your personal installation code from the popup;
3. Add the copied code on your site.

You can read how to add Webflow Restaurant Menu plugin here: -

Best Menu widget integration templates:

Example 1: Restaurant template is to show a number of dishes in the clearest way.
Example 2: Fast Food Restaurant has delicious food images and catchy menu icons.
Example 3: Bar Menu contains the most common sections, such as food, beer, wine, and cocktails.

Here is how simple it is to add Restaurant Menu plugin to Webflow! If you want to learn more about benefits, adjustments, and widget templates, you can write to our competent Support team. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions!
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