How To Make Turkish Kavurma / Cooked Meat Log

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Kavurma is a log of cooked meat, traditionally made to preserve the meat for a long time when there were no refrigerators. It is a practical way to have cooked meat at hand to add to your main dishes or to make sandwiches or pides. But mostly in Turkey, we love to eat at breakfast as is or crack some egg on it for a hearty breakfast.

Ingredients For Kavurma "Qavurma"
1+1/2 kg. beef, cut in small chunks
about 400 gr. animal tail fat (I used 250gr. but more can be added )

It is shaped into a log in stores. You can lie a baking paper on the bottom and sides of a baking tin or round wide mug and press the meat while it is still warm and freeze it for a while before taking out from the mold. The animal fat preserves the meat but since it is homemade I prefer portioning it after taking out from the mold and cover it with plastic wrap and keep it in the freezer.

I used kavurma for making kavurma egg in the special Qurban Celebration breakfast in the upcoming episode.

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