How to Prepare for CLAT PG 2021 | Crack CLAT LLM 2021

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Hello Everyone! In this video we’ve discussed the right strategy one should adopt preparing for CLAT PG 2021.
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0:00 When to start Preparing for CLAT PG 2021
0:24 New Pattern of CLAT (PG) LLM 2021
1:14- Strategies for PG-CLAT LLM 2021
3:26- Important Cases for CLAT PG LLM 2021
4:16- How to Read Passages faster for CLAT PG 2021
4:52- Importance of Mock Tests in CLAT LLM
5:17- Our Course on CLAT PG 2021

Deciding to give CLAT PG is a very crucial decision that Law students take! Since a couple of years, the pattern of the LLM entrance exam has changed drastically and CLAT consortium is trying to test the students in different subjects of law equally keeping in mind the recent legal developments.

CLAT LLM exam analysis is also very important before starting with the preparation as one should understand the most important and least important areas as well. Here, we have covered all the strategies that students should note while preparing for this exam either in their final years of law or after their graduation. You can also check out our Course on CLAT LLM 2021 given in link below!
Our Course on CLAT LLM 2021:

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