How to save Power Grid on 5th April Night | By S K Mondal । Ex. NTPC Engineer । Ex IES Officer

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Due to the lockdown , Indian power grid is already balancing excess power generation with low demand and on top of this Prime Minister has urged people to switch off lights and light candles on 5th April : with a view on this - certain false messages are being circulated that to calm the the country's power system possibility to trip by fluctuation in demand people should switch on the AC , switch on other equipments that consume huge power in order to maintain the stability of the grid - in this video I have discussed what to do and what not to do to manage this flucatuation of power demand and how to save power grid on 5th April .Our power grid authorities are getting trained to manage this fluctuations in power demand , and it is advised that people should not go and suddenly switch on or switch off huge power consumeing decides instead they should do it one at a time moving from one room to another like switching off lights , fans of one room and going to other. In this situation , they highly advise leave bigger equipments like refrigerator, Air conditioners,geysers etc in their state of mode of operation that is if they are switched on keep it in - on mode if they are switched off - then need not to switch it on to balance the electricity generation. Video clearly shows the message from authentic sources - from the authorities of power grid that they are capable enough to balance this electricity generation and demand in our country on 5th April and in these days of lockdown.
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