Hunting wild Florida Pigs for hog Head Curry!! Eating wild bush Meat!

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Special thanks to Sean from scallywag life TV Subscribe to his channel for Chance to win a hog hunt

Bushmeat is the fine as animals living in swamps and Jungle’s hunted by humans! Is it all over the world here in Florida we have several beast living in the bush hog’s coyotes gators and Iguana’s! Most of them Have there part in the ecosystem! The invasive exotic non-native species as Iguana is in hogs do not routing eating native plants and causing a natural erosion is a big problem! Some people might not like the removal but it’s something that needs to be done you need to understand how invasive these animals are before it’s too late today we show you a quick primitive recipe from my home town Trinidad and Tobago show some love give the video like subscribe more epic stuff coming
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