Jimmy Puts Supermarkets to the Test on their Meat Tracing Promises | Food Unwrapped

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Jimmy heads to a meat laboratory to see if it really is possible to trace the meat in supermarket food all the way to the exact animal it comes from.

Food Unwrapped Season 8 Episode 3

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FOOD UNWRAPPED explores how our food is really made and the industry secrets behind our favourite produce. Reporters Matt Tebbutt, Jimmy Doherty and Kate Quilton travel the globe to discover just how the food we love is mass-produced. The series contacts supermarkets and manufacturers with simple questions about the food we buy, then visits the factories to investigate! Taking the cameras behind the doors of factories worldwide, the inquisitive food lovers meet food technicians, scientists, factory owners, growers, and producers in order to reveal weird and wonderful facts we never knew about our food.

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