Jujutsu Kaisen on CRACK!

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Anime used: Jujutsu Kaisen (Sorcery Fight) ep 1-12
I thought this would be a busy month for me and I wouldn't have time to make a video but all of my exams got postponed for 2 weeks from now soooo – noice.
8-minute videos can be quite hard to handle – especially when I have to export it (takes around an hour) over and over again bc I am finding so much tiny mistakes. I had to to this one 6 times :)

My short impression of this show
I didn't plan on watching this but since the thirst fanarts just bombed my pinterest feed, I checked it out – would say its good as much is hyped. For me it's definitely not a masterpiece like some people say but it is an entertaining show with a really nice plot – would definitely recommend watching it.
As for the characters in a nutshell – Gojo is overpowered and flexing all the time, Itadori is nuts for going with all of this and Fushiguro is literally getting beat up so much that it’s hard to watch XD – I loved all of them and the comedy is on the peak along with the impressive action scenes. I also had a lot of sympathy with Jumpei and then ep 13 came – yeah
Really liked Fushiguro's and Gojo's voice in English – other prefer Japanese, especially Nanami and Jumpei.

Music used:
0:11 Henry Neeson - Poseidón
1: 18 ???
1:45 grandson – oh no!!!
3:51 Grits - My Life Be Like (Ooh-Aah)
4:24 ERA - Ameno (Planet 6 Remix)
5:06 E Nomine - Schwarze Sonne (Ralf Moeller)
5:47 Dj Snake vs Sidtrus - Move & slap (Ambiani mash up)
6:08 Chris Classic - Here We Go
6:40 Carpenter Brut - Maniac (feat. Yann Ligner)
7:44 NEFFEX –

Please do not re-upload or use my videos. My channel is not monetized, this video is purely fanmade - I am not making any profit from it. Thank you for watching ^^
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