Just Cause 4 - Where I Belong Trophy / Achievement Guide (Highest Point in Solis)

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Just Cause 4 Where I Belong Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Stand on foot at the highest point in Solís [Bronze]

For this you need to stand on the highest mountain in the game, which is found in "Qachas" Region. Due to its height it's easy so spot. The only problem is that during the story you get hit by lightning instantly when getting near this area and this can easily kill you. After the story the lightning will stop and you can reach the mountain top safely!
See the video for the exact location. You can fly there with any helicopter or plane, which you unlock as airdrop requests automatically from conquering new regions.

*Thanks to Square Enix for providing a copy of this game :)


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Rico Was Here
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Where I Belong
Stand on foot at the highest point in Solís

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