Keeping Busy in the Winter Kitchen

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Join me for a day of keeping busy in the winter kitchen ????⭐️❄️ Most people think of summer and fall as preservation season, but the winter kitchen still requires some tending, though at a slower pace. On this day I decided to roast and puree the last of our pie pumpkins before they went soft. They stored really well and were surprisingly still hard despite purchasing them quite a few months ago. I saved the seeds for future planting. The winter kitchen also requires keeping up with bone broth-making. Right now I freeze the broth because we go through it so fast, but once soup season slows down, I will be pressure-canning ???? To end the day, I made sourdough pumpkin pierogi using homemade noodles and some of the pumpkin puree I made. They are a labor of love but so worth it!

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