Kitchen Cleaning Tips in Tamil | கிச்சன் சுத்தமா பளிச்னு இருக்கணுமா இந்த வீடியோ பாருங்க

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Hello friends,

Yellarum yeppadi irukeenga. Namma channel ie indha video -
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Marubadiyum oru azhagana video le ungala meet panren dears. Adhuvaraikum take care

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Kitchen countertop gasstove wall tiles cleaning with DIY solution:

Vinegar Vechi ivlo cleaning pannalama:

Full Kitchen cleaning:

Bathroom Cleaning Video:

Unga veedum Palapalakanuma:

Meal planning video Link:

How to Store vegetables

Tips to save time - Weekend preparations

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Namma channel le nalla views pona matha cleaning videos kizha iruku. Time kedaikum bodhu check pannikonga friends

One Hour Speed Cleaning:

Kitchen Cleaning video:

Bedroom cleaning video:

Doormat Cleaning video:

Full house cleaning video:

Kitchen Cleaning video:

Thuni madikuradhu ivlo easy aa:

Time saving tips in the kitchen:

Nightime Routine:

Bathroom Cleaning video:

Friends, naan ippo namma thamizh channel ku insta id create panni iruken. Yennoda daily life yenna nadakudhu nu kutti kutti clips aa inge post pannuven. Neenga yaravadhu insta le irundha "sangeethas lifestyle" Id le yenna follow pannalam

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Ok friends, marubadiyum oru azhagana video le ungala meet panren friends,

Take care. Bye bye

Yendrum anbudan

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