MacDonalds China BANs Black People! Forced to Apologise by HQ After Temporary SHUT DOWN!????????‍♀️

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We have been blocked by youtube from uploading NEW CONTENT on the Dr. Mumbi Show for a week, but we will continue to upload on this, our secondary channel Dr. Mumbi LIVE.

Youtube just took down our explosive video of China and Europe's evil plans, straight from the horses mouth. They have also taken down an important 5G video and Africa we had uploaded on this channel. IT JUST GOT REAL!!!

Whoever controls the narrative, controls the future.

The only platform we could upload it to was our patreon.

Please consider joining for as little as $2 usd a month to help us keep going.

Here's the link:

And a link to our Secondary Channel:

Many blessings,

Dr. Mumbi
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