MCU Heroes With The Highest Kill Count

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Marvel Heroes With A Pretty Large Body Count

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Heroes save people from bad guys, it’s basically the job. When the bad guy starts his “we’re not so different, you and I” the hero is supposed to say, “I don’t kill people!”

But how often is that true? Some heroes have a past that involved killing in the sort of quasi sanctioned manner, soldiers like Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and Rhodey. That’s Captain America, Falcon and War Machine respectively. Others have a checkered past like the former assassin Black Widow or former Ravager Yondu. For some, collateral damage is the burden that the hero has to carry for powers that, at best, are marginally in control, like Bruce Banner’s alter ego, the Ever Lovin’ Hulk. Outside of the Avengers, there are rogues like the Guardians of the Galaxy or the semi-repentant Yondu who don’t necessarily set out to kill so much as they don’t care one way or the other if it happens. In the expanded Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are MCU stories that’re allowed to be a little darker and a little more serious. In that dark corner, there are characters like Frank Castle, also known as The Punisher, who have a body count that’d burn out lesser counting devices.

Others have had unfortunate pasts that they’re working to correct, whether it’s as a weapon of the Kree like Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel or Scarlet Witch under the influence of Hydra then Ultron. Whatever the reason, some of these heroes have a body count to go with them, so here’s some of the ones with the biggest.


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