Ordering and Eating Politely at a Japanese Restaurant

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Learn how to eat all polite and nice at restaurants in Japan. Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. Sign up and get a 2 month free trial at

And if you're learning Japanese, my teacher, Yamamoto Sensei, has some slots open. You can check it out at #yamamoto-miki. The sign-up process is a bit of work, just so you know, but the actual lessons are great, so it's worth the effort.

As for the links for people for special food diets, here are some:
- Print out cards
- Vegan links: , , , ,
- Halal site
- Halal Gourmet Japan App

Lastly, some extra info:
- Triangle eating method
- Cashless articles #.Xh0yj8gzb8A and #.Xh0yicgzb8A

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