Pop-A-Dew Podcast | Cookout Cypher, Travis Scott McDonalds Meal, KSI Cancels Domain Video | S2E4

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In this episode, Crypt and Joey Nato discuss how Joey Nato finally got a haircut, Joey's new Basics of Beat Making online course, Crypt's huge YouTube cookout, the Cookout Cypher, Travis Scott's McDonalds Meal and how KSI cancelled his Domain Music Video. Enjoy this episode from beginning to end!

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro
6:10 - 2nd Crypt Album Behind Schedule
7:56 - Song Writing Advice
11:46 - Joey's Life is Boring
14:07 - Basics of Beat Making Course
17:15 - Writers Block
18:23 - Samad Savage Produced the Cookout Cypher
19:31 - Yo I Lost My SD Card
20:06 - Crypt's Cookout Cypher Expectations
31:00 - Details about Cookout that No One Knows
56:59 - Travis Scott McDonalds Meal
1:01:24 - Arby's Meat Mountain
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