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Bob's Burgers is one of the funniest and most consistent comedies on television. The average episode is full of allusions to movies, TV shows, and bands of yore. But sometimes, even the most sharp-eyed and culturally attuned fans might miss the references. Here are just some of our many favorites.

As a guy who runs his own burger joint, food is very important to Bob Belcher, and likewise, so is Thanksgiving. In the episode "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal," the Belcher family is posing as relatives of their landlord Mr. Fischoeder so he can impress his old love. Bob, however, is impersonating a cook and is left all by his lonesome in the kitchen to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. For some reason, he decides to drink from an old bottle of absinthe, a strong alcoholic spirit said to have hallucinogenic properties.

Before long, a giddy, booze-addled Bob starts to believe that the headless turkey he's preparing is not only real, but a magical and delightful talking friend named Lance. Reality slips away for Bob as he descends into a hallucinatory fantasy sequence. With the Belchers gathered around for a Thanksgiving toast, Lance emerges from the oven and grows to a massive size. Suddenly, a grinning Bob and the other Belchers are outside, where Lance pumps his black umbrella, propelling a giant tower of fall vegetables and Thanksgiving treats out of the ground and into the sky. The family then grabs hold of the turkey, who uses his magical umbrella to fly them to the top of the tower, where they all sit on a carrot leaf. That's when Bob says what everyone is

Weird, yes, but not without precedent. It's a faithful re-creation of a scene in the Studio Ghibli classic My Neighbor Totoro, where a friendly creature uses his black umbrella to grow a grove of giant trees.

Tina Belcher is definitely a hormone-driven teen and extremely frank about her physical and romantic interests. It's no secret that she's in love with Jimmy Pesto Jr. and in the episode "Bad Tina," she writes something called "erotic friend fiction" about him. Her stories are like fan fiction, but infused with heavy romance, and they're always about people she knows. A notebook full of her wildest fantasies winds up in the hands of mean girl Tammy, who uses it as a blackmail device. However, Tina decides to own it. She reads a new story called "Buttloose," a twisted take on the movie Footloose, in front of all her classmates in the school cafeteria. Keep watching the video to see all the references you missed in Bob's Burgers!


Turkeys and Totoro | 0:00
Tina goes back to 1984 | 1:50
A Disney reference to get behind | 3:32
Tina's bloody Valentine | 4:43
A Tori story | 6:00
Gene sees the light | 7:08
A little spaghetti in Bob's Burgers | 9:05
Belchies never say die | 10:34
There's no place like 'Home' | 12:01

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