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Everyone in the world likes desserts. Summer is coming and Today I am making very easy and refreshing dish Swiss cream with pineapple dessert its so easy and no need to stand infront of oven and flame.
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Biscuits 12 to 14
Cream thick 250 ml
Whipping cream 8 tablespoon
PINEAPPLE 7 to 8 pieces
Walnuts 15 to 20
Pistachios 20 to 30 pieces
Condensed Milk 150 gram
How to make
Take a bowl cut biscuits into pieces and add half condensed milk into biscuits and mix well.
In a bowl take thick cream and little milk and whisk and add walnuts now add this cream into biscuits and mix.
Make a layer of cream then ad pineapple piece and walnuts.
Add one more layer of cream and garnishing with pine apple and strawberries snd Lil sprinkles. Put it in the fridge for 2 hours. Your yummy and refreshing dish is
ready to serve eat with joy stay blessed

Your feed back is so important for us please when you try send us your feedback Jazzak Allah and thanks
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