Rice Lake, WI Winter Storm B-Roll - 10/20/2020

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An early winter storm hits northwestern WI. This video was shot in and around Rice Lake WI.
The snow was coming down really heavy at times. The snow caused some traffic problems across the area.
Shot Description

Clip1. A car lost control at an intersection, and hit a curb causing the car to bounce off of said curb, almost into oncoming traffic. Driver was able to regain control before that happened.
Clip 2. Barron County HWY Department. getting an early start on plowing HWY 48 just east of Rice Lake, WI.
Clips 3-5. City of Rice Lake Street Department. Plowing main street in Rice Lake.
Clip 6. Someone walking through the shot of the snow covered cars in the store's parking lot, and shrubs.
Clip 7. Snow covered cars in the store's parking lot.
Clip 8. Heavy snow falling in the city of Rice Lake, with traffic driving through the shot.
Clip 9. Snow, and slush covered main street is causing traffic to slow down.
Clip 10. Close up shot of the snow, and slush covered street, with tires kicking up the snow, and slush.
Clip 11. Snow covered trees, and powerlines, with heavy snow falling.
Clip 12. A snow covered corn field just north of Rice Lake.
Clip 13-14. Snow covered corncobs.
Clip 15. Stop lights getting covered in snow.
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