Sea Dry Fish Recipe - Big Dry Fish Tomato Bhuna Curry Cooking By Our Beautiful Village Lady For Kids

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In our own village community, we are not used to eat dry fish recipe. And sea dry fish is also very rear at our village. We had collected a big size sea baim dry fish to our village and out beautiful village ladies cooked this dry fish with red tomato, potato and red amaranth stick. This recipe was too beautiful to look and also was very very delicious to eat. Our special guests the kids was very happy to eat this their new recipe.

The kids are very special guest to us. We are very happy to eat with them. And they are also very happy to eat different and delicious food item with us.

Thank you very much for watching our videos.

Sea Dry Fish (Sea Arowana Dry Fish)
Amaranth Stick
Cinnamon Sticks
Bay Leaf
Turmeric Powder
Onion Beresta
Green Chili
Red Chili Powder
Hand Ground Ginger
Hand Ground Cumin
Dry Cumin Powder


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