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Taiwan Street Food Guide 2020 台北小吃

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Welcome to our new TAIWAN FOOD series! We will be highlighting the best street food in Taiwan, traditional Taiwanese food and more! We are starting this series in Taipei - and today we are showing you some of the most famous restaurants serving local Taiwanese food. We explain the current situation while visiting Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.

First meal a classic Taiwanese breakfast at Yonghe Soy Milk King. The open restaurant gives it a street food vibe. We ordered: salty soy milk (with vinegar, dried shrimp, pork floss and green onion), steamed meat bun (pork), soup dumplings (xiao long bao), peanut rice milk (mi Jiang) and a youtiao shaobing (fried cruller within a baked pastry). All of these breakfast items can be found in traditional breakfast shops across Taiwan. This place cooks everything fresh before your eyes. (150 NTD / USD $)

To digest, we explore the nearby Da’an Park. There are plenty of animals that roam the park and we try spotting as much as possible, including: Squirrels, birds, dogs and more. We also take part in various park activities, like the painful foot massager pathway.

Next, we walked to a famous street food stall serving radish pancakes. These are made by stuffing dough full of shredded radish and green onions and deep frying them. Served piping hot with optional sauces, there is no seating, so you need to eat it street food style. (30 NTD / USD $ each)

We’ve always wanted to try traditional Taiwanese desserts and pastries and we knew one of the best bakeries to get it was at Chai Te. The pastries are made fresh on site and almost everyday they sell out of items. We bought: Taiwan Pineapple Cake, Strawberry Cake, Egg Tarts, Green Onion Nougat Cracker, Mooncake and Trinity Q Cakes (Total 318 NTD / USD $). We washed all of those delicious pastries down with Taiwanese Oolong tea.

1 - Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial 中正紀念堂
No. 21號, Zhongshan South Road, Zhongzheng District

2 - Yonghe Soy Milk King 永和豆漿大王
No. 102號, Section 2, Fuxing South Road, Da’an District

3 - Da’an Forest Park 大安森林公園
No. 1號, Section 2, Xinsheng South Road, Da’an District

4 - Wenzhou Street Radish Pancake 温州街蘿蔔絲餅達人
No. 186-1, Section 1, Heping East Road, Da’an District

5 - Chai Te Bakery 佳德鳳梨酥
No. 88號, Section 5, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District

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We’re Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson, food lovers and world travellers! We make videos about local, authentic and unique foods from across the globe. We particularly like to sample street food across Asia. We are based in Taiwan where we frequent the best Taiwanese street food stops and create travel content to make finding food in Taiwan easier for YOU! Although we are based in Taiwan we travel the majority of the year around the world in search of the best food. We’ve filmed in Japan, The Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sri Lanka, Canada and the list is still growing! Our mission is to create content that is entertaining, informative, honest and fun! We love what we do and we are always grateful for your support! Thank you and see you on the next episode!



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